Brooklyn Bug :New York Vintage

The Brooklyn Bug unit is composed of artists Ran Fujieda & Fumihiro Matsuzaki.

It has been 20 years since their encounter with Brooklyn, where they continue to work, live and love.


We strive in creating a little bit of essence to daily life and in order to do so, we present to you well crafted vintage articles, with the hope that they will be passed on from one generation to the next. Each vintage article, collectible, and antique is carefully chosen, as our desire is that these past creations will form a part of your daily life, as for another individual once before.

Our vintage collection features articles from around the world, as well as those from the USA.

We would like to introduce these valued and cherished articles to your life, as we would also like to expose these articles to a larger and diverse clientele.

Presently in NY:

We are a part of the Brooklyn Flea of

Brooklyn Flea DUMBO

10am-5pm • Sundays

Manhattan Bridge Archway – 80 Pearl St.

and you can catch us there on weekends.

Presently as Artists:


Ran: Working in the underground

The Brooklyn Bug unit will also feature exciting original totes and t-shirts.

The blog is only featured in Japanese, but please take a look at some of our featured articles via photos. Please feel free to contact us or leave us comments, and requests at our email address:

Press :

Fire King & American Vintage by Giorni Magazine (out October 2010 )

The Huffington Post

An Indie Design Gift Guide (PHOTOS)

by Jean Line (January 10 . 2010)

Travelettes (November 7.2011)

Happy Fathers Day by SAFFRON ( June 11th, 2012)

New York Magazines Fathers day gift guide Shopamatic.


Clients :

saffron brooklyn

Food Network

Ovadia & Sons

Achillea Flowers

Ralph Lauren

Tommy Guns Salon

Club Monaco


Blue Window

Isabel Marant

Vogue Italia

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